English course for Primary

Continuing with the base created in our infant programme, in these stages we start to work with the 4 skills,
Through educational games and projects, children learn while having fun in English.
We promote an environment in which students are not afraid to speak, to try to communicate in English.
Without focusing on vocabulary lists or grammar rules, we worked on the structure and use of English, and with our team of native-level teachers we promoted the 4 communication skills in English according to the ages and abilities of the students.
Our main goal is for children to see that it is a living language, a language that can be played with and they can have fun.

We don’t want English to be just a school subject, we want it to be something fun.
We organize the groups by school age, but if at any time the teaching team considers that a student would be better suited in a different level, then we’ll work to find a suitable solution.

It is not a sprint, but a marathon.