French for Secondary School

From 1º ESO to 2º Bachillerato our objective is to stimulate conversation and promote the assimilation of previous knowledge and turn them into automatic communication skills.
In these stages, the active participation of our students is still essential, learning to communicate in a language is not a passive activity.
Our programme recognizes the developing maturity and cognitive ability of our students. In addition to the comprehension and production of French , we work on other skills, such as, for example, critical thinking and the student’s autonomy in their own learning.
Communication skills are promoted, with a focus on functional language, that is, language used in everyday situations, such as talking about past events, possibilities, offering advice, and comparing and contrasting. The reason for doing so is to offer students the opportunity to use the language in authentic and contextualized situations, thus promoting practical and communicative language learning


Starting in high school, we offer the option of preparing and taking an internationally recognized exam, such as Trinity College London and Cambridge Assessment.
Instead of overwhelming our students even more, our classes are complementary to their classes at the institute, where we work on the content and techniques to pass the exam WELL.

It is not a sprint, but a marathon.